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JoeBlue New Jersey Pest Control Rats Mice Mouse

New Jersey Pest Control Mouse Mice Rats

House Mice are the most commonly encountered of all rodents and found everywhere from homes and open fields to agricultural land and just about anyplace else along the way. Excellent at foraging for food they are also excellent at spreading any number of diseases since they feed on and contaminate many human food sources. Getting rid of them effectively is the best way possible to minimize the risk factors associated with having them in your house. Our proven mice control methods can help you do this.

If only they were as cute and harmless as they look. But the reality is, they are not. They are cunning little animals with a keen sense of smell for finding food and have an equally excellent sense of hearing which helps them avoid enemies and detection. They are also very good at spreading any number of diseases whether it is through contaminating your food, leaving waste droppings in your house or simply contaminating anything that comes in contact with them. Did you know breathing in dust that has contacted them can cause illness?

As bad as rodents can be, we offer simple and effective solutions to control them, particularly infestations. Because rodents of all kinds, particularly our local Deer and White Footed mice, can live inside walls, basements and attics we are proud to offer mouse control services which, like our other pest control products are committed to your and the environment’s safety.

For more information about getting rid of any mice or rats that may be in your home, contact us today.

New Jersey Pest Control Mouse Mice Rats